Submitting your Lab Report

You are to submit your answers to the questions, including pasting in your graphs and applet output. Make sure you:

  • Review your answers, both to proofread and to assess your understanding.
  • Make sure the screen captures are integrated into the body of your Word file (ask for help on formatting these images).
  • Make sure you have explained your reasoning behind your conclusion in part (m).

Summary of technology skills learned in this lab:

  • Using technology to tally and produce a simple bar graph for a binary (two outcome) variable.
  • Using a computer simulation (One Proportion Inference Applet) to generate an approximate p-value for a research study involving a binary variable

Summary of statistical skills learned in this lab:

  • Describing and interpreting a sample result of one binary variable.
  • Using a p-value to assess the strength of evidence against the null hypothesis (beyond the data at hand).
  • Explaining the reasoning process behind the conclusion of statistical significance.
  • Beginning to critique a statistical investigation.