Now reflect on what you just did and answer the following questions in your lab report:

(j) The simulation is carried out to model the situation that all students choose equally between Bob and Tim on the left. Based on your simulation results, what proportion of the 1000 repetitions of the coin tossing model resulted in %count1% or more choosing Tim on the left?


Technical note: In general, any one outcome has a small probability, but we can "norm" this calculation, by always looking at an area of values. Therefore, we will define our measure of "extreme" to be results as extreme as the result observed or more extreme (even less consistent with random chance). 

(k) This (long-run) propoprtion estimates a probability. Therefore, we will interpret this probability as we did in Lab 0:

If we randomly many, many times under the assumption that then about % of the time we would have .
The previous question is pretty important, ASK if you are not sure.

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