Step 3. Explore the data

Open the Excel file from your instructor to see your class data.

First we will look at a graph and numerical summaries of the sample data. Press the link below to view technology instructions for the Descriptive Statistics applet.

Click here to display applet instructions
(Descriptive Statistics)

(e) Include a copy of this output in your report (remember to make sure you have a title AND an axis label!).

(f) Write a paragraph summarizing the distribution of the sleep time responses in this sample:

You should identify the variable (context), the sample size, describe the shape (e.g., roughly symmetric or skewed to the right or skewed to the left?), report the sample mean (including a suitable symbol and measurement units), and report the sample standard deviation (including a suitable symbol and measurement units). Also make sure you discuss any unusual observations or outliers (1 or 2 individual observations that don't follow the general pattern).

Also comment on whether the data support the research conjecture that students at your school average less than 8 hours of sleep on a typical night (i.e., is the sample mean in the "right" direction)?

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