Introduction to Using Randomization Methods in Introductory Statistics

Trinity Christian College
Palos Heights, Illinois

In this workshop we will show how to use randomization-based methods, as opposed to methods based on the normal distribution, to introduce concepts of statistical inference. We will also show how we emphasize the overarching process of conducting statistical investigations, from formulating a question and collecting data through exploring data and drawing inferences to communicating results, throughout the course.

The workshop will provide direct experience with hands-on activities designed to introduce students to fundamental concepts of inference using randomization-based methods. The learning activities involve using freely available applets to explore concepts and analyze real data from genuine research studies. The presenters will also offer implementation and assessment suggestions during these activity-based sessions and discussion sessions based on the experiences of the Introduction to Statistical Investigations curriculum development project (authors: Nathan Tintle, Beth Chance, George Cobb, Allan Rossman, Soma Roy, Todd Swanson, and Jill VanderStoep). More information about the project on which this workshop is based can be found at:

Time frame for Workshop

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