Intermediate Statistical Investigations
Nathan Tintle, Beth Chance, Karen McGaughey, Soma Roy, Todd Swanson, and Jill VanderStoep
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Inttermediate Statistical Investigations is an second course statistics text developed at Hope College, Dordt University, and Cal Poly.

The text differs from traditional texts in both content and pedagogy. 
The text differs from traditional texts in both content and pedagogy.  From the Preliminaries chapter, students focus on multivariate thinking to explain variation in the response variable.  Students are actively engaged in the material with easy-to-use applets for initial visualization and analysis.

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  • "Finding meaning in a multivariable world: A conceptal approach to an algebra-based second course in statistics," ICOTS-10 proceedings
  • "Multivariable thinking in algebra-based second courses," eCOTS workshop

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