(v) Write a paragraph summarizing your analysis of the actual study results and addressing the following issues:

Significance: In light of your answers to the previous question, would you say that the results that the researchers obtained provide strong evidence that yawn seeding is more effective than the no-yawn treatment (i.e., that the null hypothesis is not correct) in creating yawns? Do you agree with the Mythbusters' conclusion that there is "little doubt, yawning seems to be contagious”? Explain, as if discussing this with the hosts of the show Jamie and Adam!

Estimation: Write a one-sentence interpretation of your interval in the context of this study using the guidelines from the previous page. (Would you consider it a large difference even if it had been significant?)

Causation: Also consider the design of the study, is it appropriate to draw a cause-and-effect conclusion here?  Justify your answer.

Generalizability: Again consider the design of the study, to what population are you willing to generalize these results? Justify your answers.

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