Graphical Summary

To compare two groups on a categorical variable, the best graphs to use are a segmented bar graph or a mosiac plot where each explanatory variable group has its own column and the graph shows the distribution of the response variable within each group.

(e) Use the applet below to create bar graphs comparing the yawning rates between the two groups.

Replace the counts in the two-way table:
  • Press Clear.
  • Type in the four cell counts
    • Group A = Yawn Seed
    • Group B = No Seed
    • Success = Yawn
    • Failure = No Yawn
  • Press Use Table.
  • Check the Show table box to confirm your data entry and conditional proportion calculations.
  • Use the pull-down menu above the graph to toggle to a Mosaic plot.

Copy and paste your segmented bar graph or mosaic plot in the designated area of your lab report. In the Word file, you should write a sentence introducing the graph output to the reader (or at least give it a nice title). Then return here and press Next for further instructions.

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