(f) Review the results of this study and summarize in a sentence or two what they reveal about the effectiveness of the yawn seed in for these study participants.

[Hint: You may want to come back to this part after you have completed the computer output portions of the lab?]

In particular:

  • How often did people yawn in this study?
  • What did you learn about the observed differences between the treatment and control groups? (cite your numerical and graphical evidence)
  • Do the data appear to provide preliminary evidence for the claim that yawning is contagious? (Are the observed results at least in the conjectured direction?)

Side Note: There is a difference between saying one treatment is effective (e.g., did most people in the group yawn) and saying one treatment is more effective than another (e.g., was the conditional proportion of success higher in one group than the other).

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